Early Education

Pop-Up Programming Success

With the generous support of the NASCAR Foundation, Down Syndrome of Louisville began providing Pop-Up Programming in areas around Louisville in February and it has been a positive experience for all involved.  Many of our members cannot make it to our campus for classes due to distance- but they have welcomed having opportunities that they […]

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WDSD Spotlight – Meet Louis

    This is Louis! He is 2 and a half and just got the hang of walking. He loves to walk up and give hugs on the legs and say aww! He enjoys watching all sports, musicals, and Bluey! Louis is looking forward to becoming a big brother for the first time, next month! 

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WDSD Spotlight – Meet Harris

My name is Harris.  I’m 2 going on 25.  I’m a happy little kid but sometimes I like to mix it up and show my bossy side.  When I start pointing at things, that’s when I mean business. My hobbies include building forts, playing with my twin brother, and seeing how far I can throw […]

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WDSD Spotlight – Meet Tyson

Hi, my name is Tyson! I’m two years old and I’m learning how to walk and eat solid foods. I love my family and giving them hugs and kisses (and sometimes pulling their hair). I enjoy going to DSL to sing with Mrs. Dawn and play with my friends (and I especially like going into […]

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2022 WDSD Spotlight – Meet Sydney

  Day five of our #WorldDownSyndromeDay Countdown! Meet Sydney! Hi! I’m Sydney Brooklyn and I’m 3 months old. I love to snuggle and smile.  My family is so thankful for me Would you like to share a spotlight of someone you love with Ds? Contact ivyf@dsoflou.org

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DSL Dad Wins NASCAR’s Humanitarian Award

Thank you to everyone who stayed the course and voted for Jeff each day during this exciting season! We are so excited to announce that our votes paid off and Jeff won NASCAR’s Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award! This is a huge win for Jeff and DSL! The $100,000 will allow us to continue to support, […]

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DS Awareness Month Spotlight – Meet Aubrey

We just can’t stop with these #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth posts! This is Aubrey Paige! Aubs is 4 years old & a lifetime ambassador for Nothing Down Out of NJ! Aubs recently moved to Louisville a year ago & went to her first DSL event this past month! We absolutely had a blast & can’t wait to get more […]

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DS Awareness Month Spotlight – Meet Asher!

Just because #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth is over doesn’t mean we can’t keep celebrating! Meet Asher! He is 17 months old and loves the ABC song, eating, dancing, and hugging Mama. He loves DSL because they send Ms. Dawn to his house for therapy! #DownSyndromeAwareness #DSLKindnessWarrior #TheLuckyFew #DownSyndromeLove

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DS Awareness Month Spotlight – Meet Mabelle!

Meet Mabelle Jane! She is 2 years old and loves to dance and sing songs with her family. She cherishes playtime with her older brother and sister, and when she needs some quiet time she likes to discover new animals on her “tap-tap”. She can even enter the passcode on her own! Currently, her favorite […]

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DS Awareness Month Spotlight – Meet Jace!

This is Jace! He is 2 years old and loves to throw ball, play golf, chase the dogs, and swim. Jace has a laugh that is contagious! He also enjoys reading books and building lego towers. Jace is currently working on his colors and getting ready to go into preschool next year! He loves to love […]

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