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Kindness Warrior Training: Embracing Diversity is Embracing Disability

Julie Torzewski & DSL Member

Gain an understanding of individuals with disabilities and how you can better support them. Learn how you can advocate through all of your interactions, whether they are in or outside of your office. Understand how including individuals with disabilities can provide meaningful moments that leave a lasting impact on everyone.

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Mark Hublar Speaks

My name is Mark and I have Down syndrome. I have been an advocate for people with disabilities almost all of my life. I have spoken to businesses, schools and parents to help them understand that people with disabilities also have abilities. We can be great employees, contribute to society, and reach our full potential if we are just given a chance. After all, we are human too. My goal is for everybody with a disability to have a real job with real pay and a real life!” – Mark J. Hublar

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David DeSanctis, Actor/Inspirational Speaker

Since I was “ Produce” in the movie “ Where Hope Grows” in 2013, I have been asked to speak at galas, conventions, conferences, schools, and Buddy Walks. I entertain people as I speak, by dancing to music with lyrics that help me express the ideas that I want to share with the audience.

I want the audience to relate to me and see how we can all live our lives to the fullest.
I have audiences sing and dance along with me, which creates a room full of positive energy.
I love to get to know my audience beforehand so I can prepare a speech that will inspire and motivate them.

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Boogie Down Crew Performances

Contact DSL’s Engagement & Communications Manager John Davies to request the Boogie Down Crew at your next event!

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