Therapy Services

Down Syndrome of Louisville can provide a variety of therapy services to our members. We provide Developmental Intervention services through First Steps as well as outpatient Developmental Intervention. We also have behaviorists, psychological services, and partnerships that provide speech, occupational and physical therapy.

Developmental Intervention & First Steps

Developmental Intervention

APT Partnership: Speech, OT & PT

Associates in Pediatric Therapy (APT) offers multiple pediatric services to the patient and family using a team approach. DSL Members can plan sessions at one of the many APT locations or at DSL’s Louisville Campus.

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Behavior Therapy

Behavioral Services

Mental Health & Psychological Services

Mental Health & Psychological Services

DS Diet Consultations

DS Diet Consultations

Teen Regression Consultation

There has been a growing number of clinical case reports of regression in adolescents and adults with Down syndrome who have shown unexpected and severe regression in cognitive and adaptive functioning, motor function, communication skills, and behavior. In this chapter, we call this adult regression syndrome. It most commonly affects people with Down syndrome in their teens and twenties and is associated with cognitive-executive impairment, social withdrawal, loss of functional language, and previously acquired adaptive skills, lasting greater than 3 months.

If this has been happening to your child, please reach out to Dr. Jenny Kimes at DSL.

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