DS Awareness Month Spotlight – Meet Ellie!

Down Syndrome Awareness Month – Day #6! 💛💙

This is Ellie. She is 2 (will be 3 in December). She has a lot of spunk and is the most adorable ever. She loves laughing at her siblings, her Dada, looking at pictures of dogs, and all the light-up, music-making toys. She also LOVES playing with her baby doll. Our lives are so much brighter with our Ellie Belly and we love her so much. She is our chromosomally abundant blessing! DSL has given us a community that we are so thankful for. Because of our community, we know we are not on this journey alone. We love that DSL celebrates all the members of Kentuckiana who rock that extra chromosome.

If you would like to share a spotlight for someone you love with Down Syndrome contact ivyf@dsoflou.org

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