Meet Our Team

Administration & Operations Team

Julie Torzewski

Executive Director

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Katie Zurkuhlen

Operations Director

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Cameron Fontes

Executive Assistant

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Lisa Hammersmith

Office Administrator

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Nyna Parker

Billing & Records Coordinator

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Kristin Stewart

Office Assistant

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Development Team

Tim Curtis

Development Director

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Karen Sisson

Development Coordinator

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Madeline Kinser

Development Specialist

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Engagement & Communications Team

John Davies

Engagement & Communications Manager

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Tiffany Koerner

Southern Indiana Coordinator

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Youth & Clinical Services Team

Dr. Jenny Kimes

Director of Clinical Services and Children’s Programs

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Susan Teaford

School Age Manager

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Dawn Guy

Developmental Interventionist

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Shaney Brewer

Developmental Interventionist

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Phoebe Hellman

Behavior Health Provider

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Bayley Thompson

DSL Intern / Counselor-in-Training

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Adult Services Team

Shelly Durbin

Director of Waiver Services and Adult Programs

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Sharon Doerr

Academy Manager

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Azariah Frazier

Teen & Adult Transitions Manager

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Kristen Falcone

Career Solutions Specialist

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Zac Sappenfield

Career Solutions Specialist

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Lucas West

Career Solutions Specialist

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Brianna Heitzmann

Career Solutions Specialist

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Cathy Palmer

Academy Coordinator

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Willow Tesseneer

Academy Teacher

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Rebekah Wilson

Academy Teacher

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Zoe Neff

Academy Teacher

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Jewels Dickey

Academy Teacher

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Elaina Knopp-Morris

Academy Teacher

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Keisha Wharton

Academy Teacher

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Maranda Robertson

Academy Teacher

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CC Dyer

Academy Teacher

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Sydney Rames

Academy Teacher

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Ashlee Lewis

Academy Teacher

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Selma Suljic

Academy Teacher

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Suzanne Johnson

Academy Teacher

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February 21, 2024

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February 20, 2024

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February 13, 2024

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