Become a Kindness Warrior
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Down Syndrome of Louisville has embarked on a journey to create a more compassionate and inclusive society through its Kindness Warrior Training.

By emphasizing the importance of empathy, respect, andkindness warrior kindness, DSL members inspire individuals to become agents of change in their communities. The Kindness Warrior training curriculum is carefully crafted to provide participants with practical tools and skills to navigate various social situations with grace and empathy. It goes beyond traditional kindness training by emphasizing the importance of embracing diversity, practicing active listening, and fostering an inclusive mindset. 

The ultimate goal of Kindness Warrior Training is to create a ripple effect of kindness and respect that extends beyond the program itself. Graduates of the program are encouraged to become ambassadors of kindness, spreading their newfound knowledge and skills in their personal and professional lives. By becoming advocates for inclusivity and empathy, they inspire others to adopt a similar mindset, creating a more compassionate society. 

This inclusion etiquette training can be adapted for any audience- we would love to come to talk to your business, church, or team!

How to Become a Kindness Warrior Club Member

Individual Virtual Training

Review our 5-step study guide, take a quiz and become a Kindness Warrior TODAY!

Individual Online Training

Group Training

We would love to train your group, at DSL or at your location. Reach out today to schedule a time.

If you were already trained in person, click here.

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Listen to the Kindness Warrior Podcast

On the Kindness Warrior Podcast we share stories about individuals with Down syndrome, educate our listeners on topics revolving around Down syndrome, and share information about our programs that are thriving. The show is co-hosted by individuals with Down syndrome. Serving locally, sharing globally.

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Check out the impressive list of those who are already Kindness Warriors. ANYONE can be a Kindness Warrior. The staff and members at DSL would love to teach you. Check out all of the amazing community members who are already Kindness Warriors and see what “kindness” means to them.

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