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WDSD Spotlights – Meet some of our ADA Members

  Hi! I’m Drew! I’m 30 years old and like hanging out with friends and being at DSL. Right now I am working on being myself, being more helpful, and eating more healthy! In my free time, I love to watch X-Men and Disney movies.           Hi! I’m Rosie! I’m 27 […]

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WDSD Spotlight – Meet Jenny

    Jenny Armour is a senior at Pitt Academy. She loves to sing, dance, swim, and participate in DSL social events.  Her favorites are dances, holiday events, and the girl’s lock-in. Jenny excels in multiplication, division, and STEM activities at school.  She is a joy and the life of any party.

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WDSD Spotlight – Meet Brian

    Hi, My name is Brian Graeser and you can tell from my picture, I’m 36 years old. I have been a member of Down Syndrome of Louisville my whole life. I love my family and my friends. My life is busy with my job, ADA, sports, and my favorite thing to do is […]

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WDSD Spotlight – Meet Grace

    My name is Grace and I am 22 years old. I attended ADA at DSL three days a week and love it. I love singing, dancing, and hanging out with friends. I love taking girls-only trips with my Mom. Honestly, I just love life!

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WDSD Spotlight – Meet Amber

    Meet Amber! Amber is 37 and likes music and meditation yoga. She is currently working on math skills and learning how to handle stress, and is excited about helping out staff and working with the kids at SEE Camp. She loves chicken, pizza, and any healthy foods, and she loves to watch Reba, […]

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WDSD Spotlight – Meet Emily

This is Emily Bush. She is a kindness warrior and a proud member of the boogie down crew, ADA, and various other DSL groups. She is  20 1/2 years old and is so excited to be one of this year’s DSL ambassadors. She is a loyal friend and an amazing daughter. She absolutely brings a […]

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Thank You Gheens Foundation!

ThankYou so much to the Gheens Foundation for their generous grant to help build a lounge for our aging members! We are so grateful! Excited to be able to better serve our members at ALL stages of life! #ThankfulThursday #DSLKindnessWarrior

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DS Awareness Month Spotlight – Meet Ellen!

Hey! I’m Ellen! Ellen was born in 1991, so she and DSL are the same age! Ellen loves going to ADA, BDC, tutoring class, and all the parties at DSL like the Luau Party and the Halloween Party. She has made lifelong friends at DSL. She loves all the staff too! #DownSyndromeAwareness #DSLKindnessWarrior #TheLuckyFew #DownSyndromeLove

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National Disability Employment Spotlight – Meet Kristin

This is a special #TeamTuesday post celebrating #NationalDisabilityEmploymentAwarenessMonth and one of our most special employees! Kristin has been at DSL for almost 17 years, helping to keep us organized and on the ball! She loves to help other staff members and especially loves working on fundraising tasks. Kristin is loyal, sassy, spunky, and hardworking! We […]

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DS Awareness Month Spotlight – Meet Aiste!

Aiste is 18 years old and is new to Louisville but has been a part of DSL for a while now via the internet. She loves Wonder Woman, Shania Twain, cheerleading, and helping her Papa cook. She is originally from Lithuania and is the first older child ever adopted internationally from that country. What a […]

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