WDSD Spotlights – Meet some of our ADA Members


Hi! I’m Drew! I’m 30 years old and like hanging out with friends and being at DSL. Right now I am working on being myself, being more helpful, and eating more healthy! In my free time, I love to watch X-Men and Disney movies.






Hi! I’m Rosie! I’m 27 and I like to play volleyball and sports. I am currently working on math second digit addition and my relationships. My favorite food is BBQ, and my favorite movie is The Hunger Games.






Hey! I’m Corey! I’m 30 and I like coloring, making new friends, sports, and crime and wild animal documentaries. In school, I am learning how to deal with stress. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite movie is Michael Myers Halloween. 





Hey! I’m Lauren! I’m 30 and love hanging out with my family, friends, and boyfriend. I like sports, coloring, cooking, workout, fashion, and playing with my dogs Tula and Nala. At DSL ADA I am learning how to be a kindness warrior and be happy. My favorite food is seafood and healthy food and my favorite things to watch are Victorious, Glee, and Friends!





Meet Joe! Joe is 26 and likes healthy snacks! At ADA, Joe is learning how friends get along. Grapes are Joe’s favorite food and enjoys watching Sleeping Beauty or American Idol.








Hi, I’m Jackie! I’m 38 and I like to collect Elvis Presley CDs and movies. I like to learn about relationships at ADA. My favorite food is pepperoni pizza and my favorite movie is Jailhouse Rock with Elvis Presley.







Meet Chris! He’s 39 and enjoys eating, sleeping, tv, swimming, being with family, walking his dogs, and playing with his cats. At DSL ADA he learning how to have good friendships and relationships and how to control his attitude. Chris’s favorite food is pizza and Mexican food and he loves any and all action movies!






Hi! I’m Macy! I’m 26 and love music, chocolate, coloring, and my dogs Winnie and Ruby. I enjoy going to work at SECC Shine Cafe and Bennet and Bloom Eye Center, doing volunteering work, and I’m great at math! I love bananas, anything Italian, chicken, pizza, peas, spinach, and my favorite movie is Clifford the Big Red Dog.





Hey, I’m Katie! I’m 32. I like coloring and meditation, and at ADA I am working on my reading. Broccoli is my favorite food and my favorite movie is Little House on the Prarie!








Hey there! I’m Connor! I’m 29 and enjoy watching chick flicks and making music. At DSL ADA I am learning about how to have healthy relationships and be respectful and honest. I love Mexican food and spicy foods too! I love any action & superhero movies, the Harry Potter movies, and One Tree Hill.





Meet Trenton! Trenton is 26 and likes coloring, painting, and playing softball. He currently working on math skills – adding and borrowing, on his communication skills, and how to have better focus. He loves tacos and his favorite movie is Peanut Butter Falcon. 


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