Penni Williams Celebrates 10 years with Best Buy – NDEAM Spotlight

Did you know October is not just #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth but also #NationalDisabilityEmploymentAwarenessMonth! We want to celebrate Penni Williams for 10 years of service at  – Way to go Penni!

“Penni works with Tiffany Smith and James Baxter in the Parts Department, and she just celebrated her ten-year anniversary with us. Penni came to me and expressed that she really wanted a BLUE shirt for her anniversary. (Our annual replenishment shirts are Geek Squad black.) I was putting in a personal order at the time and ordered a blue shirt for her as a surprise to celebrate her huge milestone with us.  I tell you this not because I bought her a shirt, but I wanted to share how excited she was when she received her new BLUE shirt. She immediately went to the restroom and changed into it!! She didn’t even want to wait for her next shift!  She is Best Buy Proud! Thank you Penni for all of your hard work, always wanting to be here, and wearing that sweet smile on your face. Congratulations! We are so proud of you and happy you are here.” – Lisa Asher

Best Buy Geek Squad Parts Floor Lead, Hannah Beaulieu, sat down with Penni to ask about her time with GSC. Here’s what Penni said:

What is your favorite thing about working for Best Buy?

  • Penni loves her team and leadership and enjoys working with them.
  • She also loves the blue shirt that she was given from Lisa for her 10 years at Geek Squad!
  • Geek Squad is really good to her and takes care of her and she appreciates it so much.

How do you feel about being at Geek Squad for 10 years?

  • Penni is very happy and proud of herself for being here for 10 years.
  • She loves working for Geek Squad and enjoys staying busy and works hard at what she does!

Do you want to stay here for another 10 years?

  • Yes! She plans to stay here until the day that she retires
  • She loves Geek Squad and all the people here!

What is your favorite thing to do at home?

  • Penni has 2 brothers and 1 sister that she spends her time with. She was given an Xbox for her birthday and they play games together on it.
  • In her free time, she watches wrestling on TV and works out at Planet Fitness.
  • She also has a dog named Gucci who is 12 years old and blind that she takes extra good care of

Congrats on 10 years of hard work and service, Penni! Your DSL Family is so proud of you!

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