August Tutoring Spotlight – Meet Addie

We LOVE our amazing tutors and want you to meet this month’s tutoring spotlight, Addie Williams! Addie has been tutoring Scotty for 6 years and says, “I actually didn’t set out to be a tutor. I made a last-minute decision to volunteer for the Night to Shine prom, and that’s how Scotty and I met. He had just started going to DSL and didn’t have a tutor yet. After the prom, his mom asked Carly to see if I’d be interested in tutoring him, and the rest is history!”
Addie says there are too many good memories to count and so many proud moments too, but mostly she just loves getting to spend time with Scotty. “Tutoring Scotty is one of the most selfish things I do. We have had days where one (or both) of us were tired or grumpy, and somehow we always leave feeling better. My kids also love coming with me, so I get to see them be loving, patient, and helpful. I like knowing that this thing that is so fun for me, is also helping out this awesome guy.”
During tutoring sessions, Addie and Scotty work on communication skills by telling stories or video chatting with people. “Some days if he is tired or not in a “working” mood, we will just hang out and talk. He is such an entertainer! He knows so much about music and movies…One of the things we do is try to make each other jealous about the awesome restaurants we go to. He has his mom send me pictures anytime he goes out to eat to ask if I’m mad!”
Tutoring is a great way to get involved at DSL. Addie says, “I absolutely recommend volunteering! I have so much fun spending time at DSL doing tutoring with Scotty, helping in group classes, going to prom, or group outings like trips to restaurants, angel tree shopping, and Holiday World. We have so much fun together!”

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