Meet the Kindness Warriors

DSL is proud to share with you this impressive list of Kindness Warriors in our community. We know that the more this list grows, the more opportunities there will be for individuals with disabilities and that is the REAL meaning of kindness. Interested in our Kindness Warrior Training? Click Here.

Kindness Warriors Kindness Is...
Stella Torzewskiawesomeness
Carly RiggsInclusion
Julie TorzewskiBeing an advocate
Carin SpaldingEverything
Walter BaynardLove
Stephanie PattersonBeing very nice helping people
David Rainwater JrLoving one another equally
Sharon DoerrEverything
Katie Zurkuhleninclusion, acceptance, advocacy, and LOVE
Michelle Clayincluding everyone! 🙂
Karen KenneyTreating others with empathy and compassion.
Joe FranklinExtending a helping hand!
Cathy PalmerContagious!
Duane Palmerbeing nice to others always
Camryn Palmercaring
Drew Palmertaking care of others
Zack HolzknechtTreating others with respect
Alexander Carpentera welcoming environment
Michelle DurbinRespect one another in a mutual manner
Nicole VolzGiving to others how you would want others to give to you.
Rosie SmithShowing respect to each individual
Harish ChandanHelping Others
Meredith LundyCaring about others
Diana Merzweileradvocating for all regardless of their level of ability!
Mary Beth Nortontreating others as you would like to be treated 🙂
Ben Taylorgiving everyone an opportunity
Abigail Gardnerbeing a friend.
Josh Kornbergfor Everyone
Nike AniykaiyeAn informed society
Amanda Mabiethean act of showing good will, care, and thoughtfulness to another.
Tyler Radfordloving our differences
Brianna HeitzmanInclusion for all, in all ages, at all communities.
Mark PowellCool
Kristen FalconeLife changing
Greg FalconeImportant
Darla MeredithTreating others with mutual respect, compassion and dignity
Ben RiggsLove
Catherine & Charlotte RiceBeing respectful of diversity and showing compassion to those you might not even know well....yet!
Jenny KimesDemonstrating grace, Acceptance and understanding
Rev Dr. Caitlin SimpsonEssential
Ben LamarAcceptance, inclusion & love.
Sara TinkerHonoring each other’s humanity with empathy and thoughtfulness
Megan KuussaloTreating everyone the way you want to be treated
Becky StottsEverything
Lauren VanCleaveempathy
Marissa RagainsAcceptance
Russ OwensCaring for EVERYONE in our community!
Adrien Finkelgenerosity, consideration, or concern for others, without expecting anything in return.
Susan Teafordessential
Jessica PuzeySeeing value in everyone.
Joy CoronelListening and respecting
Debbie MohrAlways loving someone even if they are different
Tera DavisChoosing kindness instead of hate or fear.
Anna HallSomething everyone deserves
Allie KiserInclusion
Megan KuussaloTreating everyone the way you want to be treated
Cody ParksCaring for EVERYONE
DavidDoing what is right.
Alex StottsRespecting peoples differences
Basil VansuchEducating, supporting, helping others.
Willow Tesseneerrespecting the humanity of everyone
Katie Holthousetreating others the way you would want to be treated
Nyna Parkershowing love and respect.
Derek BeavenKey
Jessica Smithabeing compassionate generous and friendly
Ivy FrazierInclusive collegiate classrooms/education
Debbie MohrInclusion
James FrancisEmpathy
Basil VansuchHelp, include, educate, advocate
Lauren AdamsKind loving and helpful
Renea Sagesershowing Gods love for all.
John Burtonthe Golden Rule
Tiffany Cole HallTreating others with Dignity and Respect
Laura Estevez-MadiedoPriceless, its value cannot be determined!
Donna BottorffUnderstanding. Acceptance. Love for all
Kelly TurtonPatience, understanding, caring, support
Shawna LewisHappiness, understanding, love
Katie Dennisonloving, patience, and inclusion.
Beth TurtonTreating everyone decency and respect
Tonya L MillerEverything
Jeannie DeLucabeing considerate, empathetic and treating everyone with respect
Kayla Nutgrasstreating everyone equally and with love.
Jillian Chamberlainpracticing sympathy and spreading joy
Allison Smithbeing nice to people.
Alexandra Hendrickshaving consideration and care
Ashely PriceDoing something for another person
Kotomi Yokokuraessential part of humanity
Anna BaurKindness is being understanding
Abigail Persingergiving and not expecting anything in return
Hayden KlemanskiCaring without any return expectations
Brooke SaurerTreating others the way you want to be treated
Emily Messerundoubtedly loving others.
Jack LittleTreating everyone with utmost respect
Mel Rauchshowing care to others
Nancy Haddadmaking someone's day a little bit better.
Zooey Robbinsloving equally.
Emma Youngcaring for others.
Mason YoungBeing very nice to others
Emma AceyUnconditionally loving and respecting everyone.
Clare Roseacting through compassion
Jack LittleTreating everyone with utmost respect
Kendall WilliamsShowing love to ALL people.
Parker Shroyerfollowing the Golden Rule!
Kennedy Aulickloving people and being nice
Jack LynchBeing friendly to everyone
Kenadie StinnettBeing caring, loving, and generous to all people.
Alex Smitha way of life.
Camryn ThompsonPutting people before yourself
Andie Glasscockwhen people go out of there way to be caring to others
Sophiamaking an effort to improve the lives of others
Kamryn Gesinthinking of others first
Brooke Johnson consideration for others without a reward
Hannah Hammthe key to success
Katie Quallspower!
Ella swafford Selflessness and patience
Rhiannon Hallshowing people that you care
Eli Edwardsunconditional love for everyone else.
David Stevenstreating others with respect
Elizabeth ShafLooking out for each other.
Will Hollandrespecting everyone
Cameron whiteMaking others happy
Haley SimpkinsRespecting others' unique attributes
Trevor Simpkinstreating everyone with respect and dignity
Olivia Allranbeing thoughtful to other's needs
Harrison Yangbeing an empathetic person
Zeanna Wardacceptance, inclusion, love, advocation, being considerate
Megan Musicbeing the best version of you
Avery Englandbeing there for others
Christy Kirkhambeing genuine and showing support
Julia RhorerGenuine, pure, and unconditional
Tanner DurstEmpathy and working to understand
Anne Perrytreating others well no matter who they are.
Sydney HillBeing kind is polite and amazing.
Tiffany Couchcaring about the people around you
Jennifer Glassnerrespecting, including, friendly, to all
Taylor WarrenBeing considerate.
Regan BrownleyTreating everyone with kindness.
Graci Williamspleasure and happiness
Ben ReynoldsReaching out and truly caring.
Daniel Kaiserhelping others.
Daniel AsherBeing respectful and considerate always.
Gracey CromerKindness is a form of happiness because I like to make others happy.
Kennedy Quallsinclusiveness and comfort
Heaven Millerfree and important
Logan MarseeHelping without receiving back.
Kayla Cervantesgiving without expecting anything else.
Haley Combsgiving
Emily J Stiltnerrespecting others.
Ella CoffeyShowing compassion to everyone.
Haley CombsGiving
Down Syndrome of Louisville
Breanna Leber Kindness is having the decency to treat everyone with respect.
Coleman Stewartwhat's in your heart
Louisville Geek
Halee Shepherdfree and contagious.
Samantha Cusatoachievable by everyone
Edie Clarkessential for unity
Alexis Wiremanacts of generosity towards others
Kailey YoungKindness is important because you never know what others are going through.
Annie MassieMagic! Sprinkle it everywhere.
David DeSanctisFamily
Wesley Orrneeded everywhere
Amy LaemmleAcceptance and love
Abigail ButlerAdvocating and supporting people's equality
Shelby Younginclusion, love, respect, acceptance
Julie WrightLoving everyone
Jennifer KnightsA helping hand with respect
Aleah SchutzeIncluding and valuing everyone
Associates in Pediatric Therapy
Linda MillerTreating all with dignity/respect
William De sanctisBeing respectful to others
Sophia Loetzexpressing equal opportunity
Brenda CreechPriceless
Caesers Foundation of Floyd County
Marc Elliot CummingsAlways doing the right thing
Tonya Showncaring for others as themselves
Ellen Hancockinclusion and accepting everyone for who they are
Republic Bank
Jessica Rockholdlove and acceptance.
Ebert Haegele a moral responsibility
Allison Robertswhat connects us all
Think Move Learn
Emery Peacockloving everybody
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