Therapy Services

Through partnerships with Associates In Pediatric Therapy, Behavioral Therapist, Melisa Trent, and Think, Move, Learn, Down Syndrome of Louisville can provide a variety of therapy services to our members.

Associates in Pediatric Therapy: Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapy

Associates in Pediatric Therapy (APT) is a therapeutic clinic practice providing services for children with special needs in Metro Louisville and Southern Indiana. DSL Members can plan sessions at one of the many APT locations or at DSL’s Louisville Campus.

APT offers multiple pediatric services to the patient and family using a team approach.

Think, Move, Learn: Occupational Therapy

Think Move Learn is a fun and effective way to improve your child’s sensory processing, motor planning, learning skills, and more. We combine occupational therapy and academic stimulation to design a program tailored to the needs and abilities of children of all ages as well as adults. Our team is trained in sensory integration methods, vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation activities, and cognitive development.

Our program involves a ThinkMoveLearn Trail of 30 physical activities that target the body and brain. We work with children and families, teachers and staff at home, school, or child care centers, individually or in groups to incorporate meaning movement into daily routine.

Questions about Think, Move, Learn or ready to set up a session? Contact Tracy Murray.

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