Developmental Intervention

Our developmental intervention targets the unique development needs of children beginning from birth through age three and is available at home or at a child care facility. Our certified Developmental Therapists provide parents with strategies and techniques to further the child’s brain development, learning styles, and issues related to a diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

What is First Steps?

First Steps KY & IN consists of weekly or bi-weekly visits focus on five developmental domains:

  1. Cognitive
  2. Physical
  3. Communication
  4. Social-emotional
  5. Self-help

Kentucky First Steps

First Steps is Kentucky’s early intervention program and DSL is a contract provider. We have a team of developmental interventionists who provide services for children from birth to age 3. Services are provided in the home and community settings.

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Indiana First Steps

First Steps is Indiana’s early intervention program that provides services to infants and toddlers from birth to age 3 who have developmental delays or disabilities. First Steps brings families together with a local network of professionals from education, health, and social service agencies.

The First Steps program is available in Southern Indiana as well, but DSL is not able to provide our DI’s there. We can provide services if the family is willing to pay privately. And free consults are available. Here is a link to Indiana First Steps Providers.

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Outpatient Developmental Services

A Developmental therapist can provide in-center consultative sessions with caregivers and their child to provide information, resources, and strategies to address developmental issues and concerns. This service can be used by families in KY or Indiana and may or may not be reimbursed by our managed care company but is offered as an out-of-pocket expense. If interested contact Dawn Guy.

Additional Resources

Dr.Jenny Kimes

Director of Clinical Services and Children's Programs

Contact Jenny

Dawn Guy

Developmental Interventionist

Contact Dawn

Shaney Brewer

Developmental Interventionist

Contact Shaney

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