DS Awareness Month Spotlight – Meet Jacob!

Down Syndrome Awareness Month – Day #5! 💙💛

This is Jacob Reigel! He’s 7 years old and in the second grade. He is loving school this year especially being in class with his buddy Sam Spalding. Jacob loves to sing, dance, and act. He’s a huge fan of Fall Out Boy, minions, and any movie that has singing and dancing. He loves hanging out with his big brother Jaxon who is also very much a kindness warrior. He says hi to everyone, loves hugs, and always wants to help. He is practically fearless except dogs if they’re too close, but he loves them otherwise. He’s a perfect gentleman who always holds doors and carries groceries for his mom. He loves hats and dressing up when he goes out. He’s strong, independent and so loving!

If you would like to share a spotlight for someone you love with Down Syndrome contact ivyf@dsoflou.org

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