Be a Kindness Warrior

Help us educate everyone in our community to embrace diversity. Review the Study Guide and take the Quiz to become an official disability advocate... A Kindness Warrior!

When you become a Kindness Warrior, you will get:

  • A window decal to display at your place of business, vehicle window, or anywhere you would like!
  • A digital KW image to place on your website or share on social media pages
  • Your Name or Company Name on our website with a link to your company (if applicable)
  • An announcement through our monthly email newsletter
  • The DSL Kindness Warrior Magazine full of impactful stories
  • A special invitation to join us for our annual Kindness Warrior Walk in October

car decal

18 Stories for 18 Stories: River

August 10, 2022

18 Stories for 18 Stories: Ankur Chandan

August 9, 2022

18 Stories for 18 Stories: Emily Bush

18 Stories for 18 Stories: Phil Mason

DSL Member, Jill Wright, cast in Sister Act the Musical

August 1, 2022

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