The Academy at DSL

Our Adult Development Academy, “The Academy” for short, The Academy is a high-quality lifelong learning experience unlike any other program in the area. The Academy offers a full educational curriculum, including academics, healthy movement, life-skill classes, social activities, and community outings for adults with Down syndrome that have completed high school. The curriculum includes literacy, math, and computer skills, as well as a variety of elective subjects, such as relationships, etiquette, art, music, and safety, job readiness, basic health, fitness, nutrition, social engagement, and independent living skills.  As a way to enhance life skills and independence, students learn to identify healthy food choices, prepare a healthy snack each week, and become more familiar with kitchen tools and appliances.   

academy at DSL

Typical DSL Academy Weekly Calendar

Check out just some of the engaging activities below…

Academy Activities

Educational Curriculum


Healthy Movement

Community Outings



Student Council



Life Skills


Dance Parties



Career Exploration


The Academy Team

Cathy Palmer

The Academy Coordinator

Shelly Durbin

Adult Programs Director

ADA News & Stories

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