Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering at Down Syndrome of Louisville. We are so excited to have you join our team!

New Volunteers

There are so many fun ways to get involved:

  • To get started as a new volunteer, please complete our Volunteer Sign Up Form & sign up to attend our next Volunteer Orientation Training. Trainings are hosted on the second Wednesday of each month; please rsvp to attend. If no rsvps are received the meeting may be canceled.
  • Check out the Volunteer Opportunities Brochure for an overview of the typical opportunities we have going on and what the time commitments look like.
  • Make sure to keep an eye out each month for our Volunteer Update email to stay up to date on any upcoming opportunities.
  • You can also join our Volunteer Facebook Group – another great way to stay up to date and meet other volunteers too!

Returning Volunteers:

Mark your Calendars for Upcoming Opportunities:

*Please only rsvp for an event if you have completed our Volunteer Orientation. *

Meet Our Volunteers

“Tutoring Scotty is one of the most selfish things I do. We have had days where one (or both) of us were tired or grumpy, and somehow we always leave feeling better. My kids also love coming with me, so I get to see them be loving, patient, and helpful. I like knowing that this thing that is so fun for me, is also helping out this awesome guy.” – Abbie

“It’s incredibly refreshing to work with Byron who is always happy to see me, always puts in a great effort, writes neatly, sticks with it when an assignment is challenging, and just shows me what’s possible.” – John

“I have realized giving an hour of your time weekly is not that large of a sacrifice. Some weeks, I think I get more out of tutoring than Emily does. Being a tutor is incredibly rewarding and a great way to build a new relationship. Please don’t be intimidated by the title, ’tutor’. This is a relationship with someone you can look to as a peer and work on simple skills with.” – McKenna

Additional Information & Resources

Volunteer News & Stories

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