First Steps to Preschool

Transitioning out of First Steps

As your child prepares to turn three years old in the next few months, they will begin to transition out of the First Steps Program.  Transitions can be difficult and can make you feel uncertain about your child’s future, but Down Syndrome of Louisville is here for these next steps and beyond.  We want to be able to make these transitions as smooth as possible and for you to be able to get a jump start on preparing for your child’s next steps.  Included you will find a list of some things you can begin doing now to prepare for your child’s 3rd birthday. 

Here are a few things that you can start thinking about now:

  • Apply for a waiver,  if you have not already done so. There are a few waiver options available.  The Michelle P waiver is on an extensive waiting list so we suggest you apply now for that one as well.   
  • Decide on a Preschool or Kindergarten Prep program.
    • We have a list of Private schools that our members attended and parents have been happy with.  If you decide to enroll your child at a school that has not yet had a child with Down Syndrome attend, we would love to have the opportunity to educate and advocate for/with you.
    • JCPS Early Childhood Services- If you choose to start your child in public preschool, this is some information for what may be provided and the steps to get there. 


As always, we are here to help you!  Any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

Susan & Tammy

Susan Teaford

School Age Manager

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Tammy Gilles

Family Engagement Coordinator

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