DSL Advice for NTI & Homeschooling

DSL is here to support our families in this NEW phase of learning at home. First and foremost-give yourself GRACE! We are all in this together. 

Recording of Mom’s Night In with DSL DIs and Teachers – COMING SOON!

Here are some of our teachers and Developmental Interventionist favorite resources:

DSL PowerPoint Overview of learning concepts to use at home:

Other Links:

Digital Tools/Suggestions:

DSL Handouts/Info.:

Additional Articles:

If you are in need of support ANYTIME while you are working with your child at home- please do not be afraid to reach out to one of our amazing teachers at DSL

  • Dr. Jenny Kimes-  JennyK@dsoflou.org
  • Dawn Guy- DawnG@dsoflou.org
  • Hannah Ertel – HannahE@dsoflou.org
  • Susan Teaford- SusanT@dsoflou.org
  • Shelly Durbin- ShellyD@dsoflou.org

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