August Tutoring Spotlight – Meet Addie

We LOVE our amazing tutors and want you to meet this month’s tutoring spotlight, Addie Williams! Addie has been tutoring Scotty for 6 years and says, “I actually didn’t set out to be a tutor. I made a last-minute decision to volunteer for the Night to Shine prom, and that’s how Scotty and I met. […]

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June Tutoring Spotlight – Harish Chandan

Meet our June Tutor of the Month: Harish Chandan! Harish, a board member, and father to member Ankur Chandan started tutoring in 2018 with the desire to give back to a program that has helped his son so much. Harish says, “I highly recommend everyone become a tutor because you learn more than you teach. […]

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March Tutoring Spotlight – John Hammon

How many years have you been tutoring with Byron?  I have been tutoring with Byron for two and a half years. Why were you interested in becoming a tutor? I started thinking in 2018 about ways that I could make a positive impact in the world on a local level. I found myself feeling frustrated with […]

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February Tutoring Spotlight – Pam Craig

How Many years have you been tutoring Amber? This year will be our 14th year together!  In some ways it seems like it hasn’t been that long, and then other times I feel like we have been friends forever.  What are some of your best memories and learning experiences with Amber? One of my favorite […]

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January Tutoring Spotlight – Makenna Thibodeaux

How many years have you been tutoring with Emily?  Emily and I have been together for almost 2 years. I started tutoring with Emily when I was in undergrad at UofL. Emily also graduated from UofL so we are both huge Cards fans. Emily wanted me to go see her class at UofL once so […]

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Tutor and Student Spotlight

John Hammon and Byron Lukins John and Byron have been tutoring partners for over a year. They meet weekly to work on Byron’s academic goals. John is a humanities teacher at Iroquois High School. He is the proud dad of two great kids, Abby (2) and Owen (6). Owen has Down syndrome and loves coming […]

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Top 5 Things I love about tutoring at DSL

By Katie 5.  I like to do brain games with my special tutor Lindsay at DSL because it’s fun. 4. I see Bryon, Andy, Matt, and their tutors too. 3. Lindsay helps my math, money, and reading skills.  I love it and I like to learn.  I like to set more goals for tutoring at […]

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