Living & Learning

Living & Learning focuses on developing skills of independence in the home and workplace.

Kentucky Living & Learning

Living & Learning often includes sessions where DSL’s supported employment team teaches workplace skills. Lessons cover topics that include how to get a job, gain more responsibilities, increase task independence, and more.

Students benefit from small-group interaction, role-playing, videos, demonstrations, and class discussion. The hands-on portion of the sessions, members’ favorite part of the program, includes cooking classes for students to prepare and clean up healthy snacks and meals using kitchen utensils and appliances, or crafts and projects to spark creativity and expression. Communication is also a large portion of the sessions, in which members are encouraged to engage with each other, staff, and volunteers in team-building and social games.

Kentucky Living & Learning:  Meets three Monday nights each month from 5 – 6 pm at the DSL Kentucky Campus.

September: Budgeting

There are a lot of things that money can buy us, but not when we run out of it!  Where does all of our money seem to go when we get that nice paycheck or extra spending money?  Just as quick as we get it, we spend it!  But do we spend it wisely?  This month, we will discuss topics that surround creating a good budget for ourselves, such as, the difference between needs vs. wants, making sure we purchase items that are within a certain amount we set for ourselves, and what a good budget looks like.

Members can attend all sessions or choose the sessions that best fit their needs.  Please RSVP for each session that you wish to attend, as each session covers a new topic. Questions or concerns can be sent to or call 502-495-5088.

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Indiana Living & Learning

This program hosts weekly life skills training with the ultimate goal to make each participant more independent inside and outside of the home. A monthly topic is chosen, and four classes are conducted around that core concept. Each of the four classes covers the chosen topic from one of the four angles, which we refer to as the “4C’s”. Cooking, Cleaning, Community, and Communication.

Using hands-on activities, role-playing, group brainstorming, and activities in a real-world setting, participants in this program gain the skills and confidence they need to achieve their lifelong independence. There is no cost for this program.

Indiana Living & Learning: Meets at our Indiana campus on Thursdays from 6:30-7:30 pm (followed by Boogie Down Crew practice from 7:30-8:00 pm)

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