Book Club

Book Club introduces reading as an interactive, social experience. Students meet weekly to read, discuss, express their opinions and explore the book through activities that supplement and expand reading practice. Movie and play scripts are popular choices because they allow for high engagement with the text.

Book Club encourages members as they continue to develop comprehension and communication skills. It also serves as an opportunity for developing social relationships with others who love good stories.

This is a free program for DSL members 16+

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Tuesdays from 5-6 pm but check the DSL calendar to ensure Book Club is still confirmed for this week.


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April 2nd

Session One: Goals and reflection time  

Discuss book club goals for the month of April/work on our journals, and discuss the new book we’ll be reading.   

April 9th

Session 2 Start Maleficent! 

April 16th

Session 3: Book reading 

Read through the book and compare clips from the movie 

April 23rd

Session 4: Continue book reading/create your own Maleficent character  

Read through a chapter of the book, and members can create their own Maleficent character to share with the group.  

Exciting News

DSL has a new Online Library!

DSL’s new online library membership will provide us with easy and free access to over 900,000 books. This membership is provided through Bookshare®, a FREE online library that makes reading more accessible across several devices. With Bookshare, students who struggle with reading can access books in alternative formats and customize their reading experience to suit their learning style.

Some adaptations include:
– Listening to audiobooks with voice and reading speed customization.
– Following along with the text using karaoke-style highlighting.
– Enlarging font sizes, changing font type, color, background, and highlighting.

Click the link below for a step-by-step process to get logged into the app!

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