Scott Burt – Keeping Best Buy In Line

Meet Scott Burt! Scott works at Best Buy & Geek Squad as a Receiving Utility Agent for the Parts Team. Scott has been with Best Buy GSC for more than a decade!! This is nothing short of amazing! So proud of Scott and his eleven years with the company!

“Scott likes to keep everyone on their toes and make sure nobody stands around talking.  He will be the first to call out someone and tell them to get back to work.  He has called out our manager, and even a few supervisors. You get him, Scott. Scott, thank you for keeping our Parts Department going, keeping it clean, and especially for keeping your teammates and leadership in line.” – Lisa Asher

When asked about his work and home life and what he loves to do most here’s what Scott had to say:

What are your favorite things about working at BBY?

  • He has the ability to keep to himself.
  • He is able to help the team and keep the area looking clean.
  • He likes everything about Geek Squad City.
  • He likes the people in parts, but mostly the people in Parts Receiving.

How do you feel about being here for 11 years?

  • He is extremely excited about being here for the last 11 years.

Do you want to stay another 11 years?

  • Laughed after asked the question and said “I plan on working here until I am an old man.”

What are your favorite things to do at home?

  • Loves watching Tom and Jerry as well as Scooby-Doo.
  • Just enjoys sitting around the house.
  • Enjoys watching WWE. Kane is his favorite Wrestler.

Congrats on eleven years, Scott! Your DSL Family is so proud of you!

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