Ian Mauney Celebrates 12 years with Best Buy

man working at geek squad

Ian Mauney has been with Best Buy’s Geek Squad (GSC) for twelve years, serving as a Parts Product Agent! Way to go Ian!

“There is never a dull moment with Ian. He is always willing to help wherever he is needed. Ian not only unboxes for us in the receiving area but he also makes boxes for us in the shipping area. Ian loves to help Brenda and James sort the units as they come down the line to go out to the agents. Ian likes to conduct our chalk talks by telling everyone what they should be doing for the day and that we need to get it done fast so we can take care of our customers!!! Ian is a joy to work with. He never has a bad day and he always has that cute little smile when you talk to him.”  – Diana Atherton, Ian’s Supervisor

“Ian smiles so much, and smiles are contagious so Ian not only helps brighten GSC but he helps brighten the world! Thank you Ian for being with Best Buy & GSC for twelve years. You are amazing! You do a wonderful job for us and GSC loves your smiling face! Ian always seems to have such a good time at work. I love seeing that.”  – Lisa Asher, coworker

Here are some of Ian’s thoughts about working at Best Buy & Geek Squad:

What is your favorite thing about working for Best Buy?

  1. Ian loves his team, he likes cutting opening boxes and he likes his leaders.
  2. He loves getting Christmas cards and candy canes from Diana and everyone else.
  3. Geek squad is good to him.
  4. Ian likes “his” people (Matt, Zach, Wally, and Brandon – thank you for being his people).
  5. He likes to help sort the trucks when they come in also.

How do you feel about being at Geek Squad for 12 years?

  1. “Happy to be here. I love my job.”
  2. He likes having fun and working with the team.
  3. Working with the racks and helping Brenda with sorting.

Do you want to stay here for another 12 years?“Sure” he says! He enjoys working and wants to stay here for a long time.

  1. He loves helping the team.

What is your favorite thing to do at home?

  1. He has a sister named Candice and a nephew named Jacob that he loves.
  2. He does his chores, watches movies, and really likes to watch WWE.
  3. He enjoys going to DSL on Thursdays and Fridays to learn math and reading and also plays games and hangs out with his friends.
  4. Ian also has a computer and an Alexis that he tinkers with in his spare time.

Way to go, Ian, on twelve years of hard work and service! Your DSL Family is so proud of you!

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