Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day with the Lucky Few Tattoo Event

World Down Syndrome Day is a special occasion that brings together communities worldwide to raise awareness, celebrate individuals with Down syndrome, and promote inclusion. At Down Syndrome of Louisville (DSL), we wanted to mark this significant day in a unique and meaningful way- and this year marked the first annual Lucky Few Tattoo event.

In 2017, a group of incredible mothers, including Heather Avis and Mica May, took the initiative to start the “lucky few” movement. Their goal was to create a sense of unity and empowerment among families of individuals with Down syndrome, and to spread the message of acceptance and love. As a testament to their commitment, a small group of DSL moms got the “lucky few” tattoo shortly after its inception, proudly displaying their dedication to the cause.

Fast forward to the present, and we are thrilled to have hosted the first-ever WDSD tattoo celebration at DSL. This event marked a significant milestone in our journey as a community, showcasing the growth and impact of the “lucky few” movement. The sheer number of participants who joined us for the #DSLLuckyFewTattoo event was a testament to the power of collective strength and the unbreakable bonds formed within the DSL family.

We are immensely grateful to our partner, LiveInk Tattoo and Piercing, who joined hands with us to make this event possible. Their dedication to supporting our cause and their commitment to inclusivity has made them an honorary member of the “lucky few” crew. Together, we set out to create an event that would not only leave a lasting mark on our participants but also symbolize unity and solidarity.

The turnout for the event was nothing short of astounding. Our DSL friends and family came out in full force, showing their support and enthusiasm. Over the course of the weekend, we witnessed the power of unity as more than 170 tattoos were inked, each representing a beautiful and personal connection to Down syndrome.

The sight of individuals, both young and old, proudly displaying their new tattoos was a testament to the love and acceptance that exists within our community. These tattoos are not just ink on skin; they serve as a badge of honor, symbolizing the journey, strength, and resilience of those with Down syndrome and their families.

The significance of the chosen tattoo design—a trio of colorful arrows—cannot be understated. The arrows, pointing upwards, represent the “lucky few” and their upward trajectory in life. They embody the spirit of progress, determination, and endless possibilities. Each arrow is unique, just as each person with Down syndrome has their own individual strengths, talents, and dreams. Together, they form a powerful reminder that we are stronger when we support and celebrate one another.

The joy and sense of community that permeated throughout the Lucky Few Tattoo event were truly heartwarming. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, stories, and shared experiences. It was a time to reflect on the progress we have made in creating a more inclusive society while acknowledging that there is still work to be done

We look forward to future events that bring us closer as a community and empower us to break down barriers. Until then, let us cherish the memories created during the #DSLLuckyFewTattoo event and hold onto the hope and love it represents.

Thank you to all who made this event a tremendous success. May the spirit of unity and inclusion continue to guide us as we work toward a brighter, more inclusive future for in

dividuals with Down syndrome and beyond.

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