WDSD Spotlight – Meet Sammy

My name is Sammy. If you ask me my name, I’ll tell you “eee” because it’s hard for me to make all my letter sounds. But don’t let my difficulty communicating fool you. I understand almost everything you say to me and am trying to tell you more than I am able. I have lots […]

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DS Awareness Month Spotlight – Meet Aiste!

Aiste is 18 years old and is new to Louisville but has been a part of DSL for a while now via the internet. She loves Wonder Woman, Shania Twain, cheerleading, and helping her Papa cook. She is originally from Lithuania and is the first older child ever adopted internationally from that country. What a […]

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DS Awareness Month Spotlight – Meet Cole!

Cole Santiago Quintela is 13 years old – youngest of 6. He loves to watch funny videos and listen to music on his iPad. He enjoys dancing and is thrilled when the folks around him APPLAUD! He is absolutely beautiful inside and out. If you would like to share a spotlight for someone you love […]

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DS Awareness Month Spotlight – Meet Treasure!

Hi, I’m Treasure! I turned 23 on July 30th. I am quite passionate about my own Birthdays, all animals, my family, margaritas & Reeses cups! I am a proud Auntie to two nieces and one nephew. I am great at spreading kindness everywhere. I wear my ‘the lucky few’ tattoo proudly. I feel blessed to […]

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