ADA Takes on Taekwondo

In July, ADA has had the privilege of hosting a weekly virtual taekwondo (TKD) class with our new friend and instructor Vanesa, who is teaching us all the way from Bilbao, Spain!! Vanesa, who is a black belt in TKD, is completing her Ph.D. in the Physical Activity and Sports program at the University of the Basque Country. Vanesa discovered DSL through a mutual acquaintance, Kathy Carter. Kathy is a former instructor at UofL, and she used to teach TKD in our ADA program about 4 years ago.

So far, our virtual TKD program with Vanesa on Zoom has been a great success! We have learned the proper techniques of how to bow, block, kick, punch, warm-up, and cool-down. We use pool noodles, balloons, hula hoops, and music as Vanesa guides us through each session. And of course, we get to let loose as we shout “Kia!” while we kick and punch – it has been so much fun! Things have gone so well in July that Vanesa has asked us to extend the virtual program into August! We really look forward to several more weeks of TKD – Kia!

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