Sibling Support

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At DSL, we are honored to celebrate our siblings! We offer resources and programs for siblings of all ages. See below for many of the ways to get involved.

If you are looking for immediate support for a sibling please reach out to us at

New Siblings

Welcoming a sibling with Down syndrome can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming. We can help you connect you with families who are similar to your own or have been through similar circumstances. Just reach out to us

There are many resources and individuals who have been there that can help support your children. We have some great books in our resources library.

Sibling fun!


It is not uncommon that adult brothers and sisters assist or are responsible for the well-being of their sibling with Down syndrome. Down Syndrome of Louisville’s staff are available for consultation and provide you with the Adult Sibling Toolkit: a comprehensive checklist of topics including guardianship, special needs trusts, medical, and much more.

Learn more about Guardianship


Sibling Fun (Ages 6-12)

Siblings ages 6-12 meet quarterly during Kid’s Night Out. Sib Fun builds community and understanding about Down syndrome and will be led by Phoebe Hellmann, DSL’s Psychology Intern! Interested in attending an upcoming Sib Fun night? Contact Susan Teaford or Carly Riggs

Sib Squad (Ages 13 & Up)

A built-in family of friends filled with comradery, support, and encouragement for siblings ages 13 & up. This group also helps to lead and mentor our young siblings!

Join our Sib Squad Facebook group for all the updates, info, and extra support. You can also email a sibling – this email address is private and goes directly to a sibling who is here to support you.

Learn more about our Support Squads

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