Book Club

Book Club introduces reading as an interactive, social experience. Students meet weekly to read, discuss, express their opinions and explore the book through activities that supplement and expand reading practice. Movie and play scripts are popular choices because they allow for high engagement with the text.

Book Club encourages members as they continue to develop comprehension and communication skills. It also serves as an opportunity for developing social relationships with others who love good stories.

This is a free program.

Regular dates/classes:

Tuesdays from 5-6pm at the Louisville Campus

Mondays from 5-6 pm at the Indiana Campus

Exciting News!

We just got access to an online bookshare library with over 900,000 books!! Members can access all the books on computers, iPads, or phones and can customize font size, change contrasts and audio, or add karaoke-style highlighting! Want to get access to the new online library?

Register Here! Questions about the new online library? Contact Katie Holthouse

*You do not have to attend Book Club to receive access to the online library. Please register using the above link and a DSL staff member will reach out to help you get started. Please note, once registered it may take several days for personal login to be sent to you.*

In-person Book Club will be returning on August 17th!

Adult Development Academy Teacher

Katie Holthouse

Adult Development Academy Teacher

Engagement Director

Carly Riggs

Engagement Director

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