Adult Development Academy (ADA)

Our Adult Development Academy (ADA) Program offers a full educational curriculum, including academics, healthy movement, life-skill classes, social activities, and community outings for adults with Down syndrome that have completed high school. Members participate daily in literacy, math, and computer skills, in addition to a variety of elective subjects, such as relationships, arts and crafts, and safety.

Because good health is key to living a long and happy life, members can participate in daily exercise activities such as cardio fitness, yoga, indoor sports, or walking. As a way to enhance life skills and independence, ADA members will also learn to identify healthy food choices, prepare a healthy snack each week, and become more familiar with kitchen tools and appliances.

We are now offering In-Person and Virtual ADA options!

Interested in attending ADA in person? Contact Russ Owens to get started.

Ready to join virtually? Check out our Virtual ADA programming here!

Director of Waiver Services & Adult Programs

Shelly Durbin

Director of Waiver Services & Adult Programs

Adult Development Academy Manager

Russ Owens

Adult Development Academy Manager

Here are just some of our partners and activities:

  • Senior Care Experts Meal Delivery: ADA Members and Staff deliver meals once weekly to seniors in the local area as a way to contribute and “give back” to our community. Keeping seniors healthy with a good nutrition program is the goal of this program. Well balanced meals are delivered to the homes, eliminating grocery shopping, meal preparation, leftovers and waste.
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Summer Fun Week
  • Think Move Learn
  • UL Music Therapy
  • Therapy with APT
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Community Outings
  • UL Baseball/Bats Games
  • Aging with DS: Our Positive Approach to Care
  • Dance Parties
  • Student Council Meetings
  • Virtual Options
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