THE 5-STEP STUDY GUIDE BE A Kindness Warrior

Please review the following resources listed under the following 5-Step Study Guide so that you too can be a Kindness Warrior in your community.

Reviewing these short videos and reading the suggested article, and then taking the quiz below should take you no more than 30 minutes. Thank you for dedicating your time to this important mission. We can’t wait to add you to our impressive list of Kindness Warriors!

Once you have read the following suggested articles follow the link to take a short quiz. A passing score will make you an OFFICIAL Disability advocate – a Kindness Warrior.

1. EDUCATE yourself.

Gain an understanding of the condition to better support those with Ds and other disabilities.

  • Watch these two short VIDEOS:

2. ADVOCATE for our friends with disabilities.

You can advocate through all of your interactions, whether they are in or outside of your school or business.

  • Watch this VIDEO:

3. INCLUDE our friends with disabilities in all settings.

Inclusion is important for all of us, and those with disabilities are no exception.

  • Watch these two VIDEOS from our members at Down Syndrome of Louisville:

4. INVITE  them to be a part of your community.

Employment helps individuals with disabilities be engaged members of the community and is an important part of all our identities as individuals.

    • Watch this VIDEO: The Hiring Chain


5. Now take the quiz…

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