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What Is A Changemaker?

Changemakers are members of the community that make the choice to leave a lasting local impact. They care about the “now” and the “future” and are a key component in the success of our members and continued growth of our programs.

Why We Need You

Your partnership helps bridge the gap in state and federal funding and allows our members the opportunity to thrive within the community and reach their full potential. As the only lifelong learning provider in the world for individuals with Down syndrome, our programs and services serve as the guide for many Down syndrome associations across the world and are imperative for the future of the individuals we serve.

Ways that you can become a Changemaker for those with Down syndrome


Foundations and organizations that generously grant funds to help ensure that developmental and educational services are available for children and adults with Down syndrome.

Special Project Supporters

We are grateful to the following organizations for support on some of our recent Special Projects.

Mary Carter Legacy Society

Leaving a Legacy of Compassion

Lifetime Learners Society

Changemakers like you are the key component in the success of our members and the continued growth of our programs. (blurb)

The 3-2-1 Club

Ignite Growth- Be an advocate that makes a difference, Be a donor who changes a life

Kindness Warrior Club

war·ri·or /ˈwôrēər/ : a person who shows or has shown great vigor or courage

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